Get the most out of Pro Tools.

Want to gain knowledge in a specific area? That is not a problem. Our studio gives you unique possibility to have a deepest possible insight into AVID Pro Tools. We can set up a training tailored specifically to your needs.

Learn Audio Post Production.

Feel happy with Pro Tools but would like to improve your skills in studio? We can arrange the training from any film sound production subject. Field recording, studio recording, editing, mastering - you can learn them all.

You can become AVID certified.

With cooperation of AVID Learning Partner Academy of Film and TV we offer famous AVID Certified Pro Tools Training. No matter whether you are a beginner taking first steps or a professional wanting to improve your editing and mixing skills. We offer classes for everyone.


Check out Certified Training.

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Basics and Intermediate courses.

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Pro Tools for Advanced

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Master faders.

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If you like games.