Pro Tools 205 Worksurface Guide.

Course Overview.

This series of courses covers techniques for mixing, routing, and monitoring through an Avid Artist Series or Avid C|24 control surface (separate courses are available for each control surface). These courses cover the core concepts and skills needed to operate an Avid control surface in a professional working environment. Access to Pro Tools HD Worksurface Operator certification exam requires that the Pro Tools User certification exam has been passed.


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Configure the control surface
  • Use basic control surface features
  • Control plug-ins from the control surface
  • Enable automation modes and write automation with the control surface
  • Perform advanced operations and editing
  • Group tracks and use VCA control and Master Track attributes
  • Implement advanced automation techniques
  • Use monitor controls

Essential Information.


This course is designed for end-users with basic Pro Tools skills and those interested in learning how to work with Pro Tools on a control surface.


Pro Tools 101: Introduction to Pro Tools
Pro Tools 110: Pro Tools Production I
Pro Tools 201: Pro Tools Production II

2-Days (9am to 6pm with one hour lunch break).


1690zł (including course materials and assessment exam).

Additional Information.

By passing 205 assessment exam you will become Pro Tools Certified Worksurface Operator.