Our offer

  • Sound restoration, reconstruction and remastering
  • Complete sound for your film or game - from an idea and screenplay to red carpet premiere
  • Arrangements and assistance on all production stages
  • Highest quality and tailored to your needs sound effects and ambient audio recording
  • Talent and VO recording
  • Sound editing in a DAW you like
  • Analog an digital transfer including almost any legacy media and formats
  • Final mixing in a Dolby and THX Certified Dubbing Theater
  • Composing services including multiple iterations if needed
  • Technical assistance
  • Training services
  • And much more…

About company.

SSD Studio is a audio production company co-founded by Magdalena Wawrzynska and Radoslaw Sklodowski, whose shared passions for music fueled their vision to create a top-quality sound for films and interactive media. SSD Studio in a short time developed into one of the most innovative sound studios of its time. Company’s business profile comprises professional digital sound restoration to all audiovisual productions as well as complex sound postproduction for cinema, TV and games. SSD Studio uses and also develops own high-tech sound technologies, which are still very rare in polish industry. Our international contacts yielded an opportunity to provide in Poland a unique A/V measurement system to anyone interested in keeping his work in perfect sync. Company collaborates, inter alia, with film studios, production and postproduction houses, producers as well as movie directors. We are always open to new possibilities and try to keep up with everything innovative in our business.

About founders.

Radoslaw Sklodowski, Sound Engineer

AVID Pro Tools Certified Instructor
Sound Restoration Expert for Polish Film Institute

Radoslaw is a graduate in Sound Engineering of Frederic Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. Responsible for sound in productions of such directors as Krzysztof Zanussi, Agnieszka Holland and Kristijonas Vildziunas. Before launching own studio he worked as a Re-recording Mixer and Sound Postproduction Supervisor. He also runs lectures about Sound Design in University of Music and Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, where he helps students getting the most of the soundtrack for video games.

Magdalena Wawrzynska, Sound Designer

Magdalena has a varied background as a classically trained pianist and sound designer. She graduated in Piano of Frederic Chopin State Music School in Warsaw as well as in Sound Design from Academy of Film and Television in Warsaw. She has worked on a number of sound productions and is responsible for the great received and awarded sound restoration of “Be my Guest, Mr. Elephant” series. As a graduate in Finance and Banking of University of Warsaw, Magdalena has also a vast background in finance and commercial real estates. This makes her a very desirable person in running every business.


About Company