How we can help you with your old film soundtrack?

Complete restoration.

We are happy to include in our services reconstruction of old audio recordings and film soundtracks. We help with production and coordination on every stage of this process - from a selection of materials to the final DCP.

Technical process and art.

Each movies needs unique approach, even if you have top-notch and state-of-art tools at your disposal. Restoration and reconstruction we provide will let you board a time capsule and listen to the soundtrack like it has never got old.

Our workflow includes:

- selection of sound materials,
- digital transfer from any type of media,
- correction of drift and synchronisation of every sound effect and dialog,
- removal of noise, crackles, buzzes and all other distortions,
- re-editing of dialogs, effects, ambience and music,
- sound correction,
- dynamic correction,
- pitch correction,
- re-recording in a Dolby certified theater,
- re-mastering for any media,
- storage on three different types of media of proven durability.

Digital Transfer.

For audio we can offer transfer from the following digital media: Compact discs, DVD, Blu-ray, DCC, Tascam DA tapes, Digital Betacam Tapes, HDCam and HDCam SR Tapes, Dolby MO disk, DV and HDV tapes.

Analog Transfer

We can transfer audio from: 16mm and 35mm perforated magnetic tapes including three-tracks, four-tracks and TODDAO soundtracks, non-perforated magnetic tapes, vinyl discs, compact cassettes (MC), optical Dolby Stereo A/SR.