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SFX and Ambience Production.

Any sound you like.

As each project needs individual approach our sounds are custom prepared and carefully crafted using dedicated and unique recording techniques.

We offer more than effects and ambient sound design. We create the whole sound environment from the scratch. Even if it takes hundreds of files to built one space.

Your sound in 3D. True 3D.

If you need more than 7.1, we are ready to serve. Get your soundtrack in new immersive 3D sound format of your choice.

Audio Transfers.

Analog to Digital Transfer.

We can transfer from any media - modern or legacy:
- perforated magnetic tapes of various width including most popular 8mm, 16mm and 35mm,
- perforated magnetic tapes including three-tracks tapes, six-tracks tapes (TODDAO soundtracks),
- non-perforated magnetic tapes from 0.25 inch to 2 inches including Nagra tapes,
- vinyl discs,
- compact casette (MC) tapes,
- Sony Betacam SP tapes,
- VHS, S-VHS, Hi8 tapes,
- optical 35 mm tapes with Dolby A and Dolby Stereo SR soundtracks,
- and more…

Soundtracks from optical tapes can be transfered with standard method or unique ultra-high resolution visual scanning, using dedicated algorythm for maximising signal to noise ratio.

Digital Transfer.

We can handle almost all digital media like:
- compact discs,
- DVD,
- Blu-ray,
- Philips DCC,
- DAT,
- Laser discs,
- Tascam DA Tapes,
- Digital Betacam tapes,
- HDCam and HDCam SR Tapes,
- Dolby MO Disks,
- DTS Compact Disks,
- DV and HDV tapes,
- and more…


Get the most out of the sound source.

Our team will be happy to provide you with the highest quality and tailored to your needs:
- Talent recording,
- Instrument recording,
- Foley recording,
- In-situ recording sessions,
- Field recording of dialogs, sound effects and ambiences.

Any media, any device.

Because we cooperate with major industry partners, we offer output of your audio to almost any media and sound format, even if this is an Edison's phonograph. If it exists, we can use it.