What we can do for your game or virtual reality project?

Sound Effects and Procedural Audio

Weapons, Monsters, Foley, Collectibles, Items, Explosions, Engines, Vehicles, Animals, Magical, UI, Beeps, Buttons, Sci-Fi, Retro, 8-bit… Whether you like recorded or generated sound effects in your project, we'll make them for you.


We offer help in implementation of sound and music using different tools of your choice, including those built in Unity3D, Unreal Engine or other engines. We can also help you with scripting and programming side of the implementation.


Female, Male, Kids, Walla, Creatures, Robots, Dialogs, Voice Overs and other voice related sounds.

Music Composition

Rock, Pop, Jazz, New Age, Vocal, Instrumental, Electro, Orchestral… We can produce music for every budget.

Ambiences and Soundscapes

Forests, Cities, Oceans, Winds, Drones, Caves, Underground, Futuristic, Empty Spaces, Rooms, Corridors… Indoors or outdoors, realistic or not, we'll be happy to produce surrounding to match your needs.

Delivery formats

Apart from regular stereo and multichannel surround standards we produce our work for Binaural, Dolby Atmos playback and 360 videos. We also provide full Ambisonic workflow - from the recording process to the final media.